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         About Us

Since 1985, Tazz Construction, a full service contractor, has been providing services for institutional and commercial facilities in the Washington Metropolitan area. During this time, we have completed a wide range of projects for hospitals, car dealer-ships, professional buildings and corporate offices.

Tazz Construction is comprised of office staff, field specialists and engineers who are highly trained and motivate in their fields which

 ensures a quality job within the scheduled time. Their workmanship and attention to details are the main reasons we have maintained an excellent relationship with our clients.  It is this reputation that keeps our clients returning to Tazz Construction



In the medical field, technological advancements occur almost daily, this requires highly knowledgeable and specially trained personnel to keep the facilities operating at their peak. Along with these more sophisticated method of treatment; information becomes critical the dosage of medicine, the type of surgery, the rate and amount of therapy applied... In essence, accurate and timely communicated information.


At Tazz Construction, we understand and appreciate the importance of communication with our clients by knowledge gained in the fast paced medical arena. From the beginning, we coordinate with the medical staff to make sure that patients are not disrupted and normal routines are kept. Through daily communication with facility staff, day-to-day activity is allowed to continue through our pursuit of safety and a stable work environment.




Work environment and safety concerns:

  • No single piece of equipment is unplugged or removed until we are briefed by medical supervisors

  • All necessary rooms are kept open to continue needed patient convalescence, examination and diagnosis

  • All construction work is done quickly and quietly

  • Construction areas are kept clear and unencumbered, to ensure the safety of those working in immediate and nearby areas… allowing proximity to crucial surgical areas and sensitive medical equipment.

  • Infection risk is kept at bay by reducing dust and debris.

Our Tazz Construction Team always keeps in mind that we are dealing with someone’s health or even their very life. We recognize that maintaining a fully operation business is crucial, for all.



Some of our projects have included:

  • Heart Catheter Rooms

  • Operating/Surgical Rooms

  • Radiology/X-Ray Dark Room

  • ICU/CCU Units

  • Emergency Departments

  • Dialysis Units

  • Nursing Stations

  • Kitchen/Dining Facilities


Our Extensive experience has taught us how to maneuver in and around medical facilities enabling us to quickly acclimate to any type of job.


In today’s business, you know your facility can’t afford to even give the impressing of being “run down” or “unmaintained”. It is vitally important that your facility look good at all times. In addition to appearance, a well maintained facility runs more smoothly and increase performance reliability.

Tazz Construction also offers a service program that takes the headaches out of day-to-day maintenance.  Our attention to detail will show everyone that enters your facility that you take pride in your business: giving them the confidence in your ability to care for them and their families.

The Tazz Construction Team is building on: Integrity, Communication, and Reliability – with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellent service. We believe that every completed project forms our signature.



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